This cap and strap combo is the ultimate protection for your investment, it saves alot of headaches!  It is also $5.00 off.

Standard Strap and Cap (Combination)

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  Does NOT fit the PRO+ or any XL AVACEN

Best to have both of these to ultimately protect your device and your wellness!!

Made in the USA out of heavy duty webbing.  It is designed to safely carry and transport your AVACEN in a practical way without fear of dropping or damaging the device.  It was created to be used in a home setting.  This strap cradles the device in a secure way while avoiding stress on the vacuum chamber.   It lets you and others carry it with one hand which is extremely helpful for rentals,  around the house,  at the airport, and while traveling.  This strap and cap helps avoid costly parts replacement and lost time on your medical wellness device!

Save buy the strap and cap together, also get   FREE SHIPPING!!!